• Digital Intercom Solutions:
  • What are Digital Intercom Solutions?

    An intercom (intercommunication device) is a stand-alone electronic communications system intended for limited or private dialogue. Traditional intercom systems are composed entirely of analogue electronic components but many new features and interfacing options can be accomplished with new intercom systems based on digital connections. Video signals can be interlaced with the more familiar audio signals. Digital intercom stations can be connected using Cat 5 cable and can even use existing computer networks as a means of interfacing distant parties.
  • What do we do?

    UK Security Design is able to provide a communication system that offers optimal security for people, goods and valuables by means of access control, room surveillance, assignment coordination and much more. Our Systems are not only very reliable but also very discrete. In production or office areas, the gatekeeper's lodge, plant protection centres… in short, in all places where perfect surveillance enhances security.

    • Implementation of different alarm, speech and control functions by employing integrated intercom and control station systems
    • Clear, hands free speech, main and sub-control desk arrangements, door and barrier control
    • Coded access control
    • CCTV integration
    • Integration of all kind of mobile communication systems such as GSM mobile, cordless DECT phones, mobile radios and pagers
    • Networking and central controlling of multiple sites over ISDN or LAN for remote monitoring for cost reduction and heightened security
    • PC workstations with touch screen graphic operation for visual display of whole complex zones and procedural instructions

    The modular concept enables a communication system to be tailor made for most customers communication requirements. Individual customer-specific solutions, e.g. in correctional facilities or for transport operators, pose a challenge in terms of creativity and innovative ideas.