• Mobile CCTV:
  • What is Mobile CCTV?

    The use of static CCTV for crime detection and prevention has been recognised for some considerable time within the UK. However, recent governmental studies have stressed the effectiveness and viability of mobile CCTV units. More recently, advancements in camera technology has led to deployable Mobile CCTV surveillance units being used for crowd control, music festivals, sporting events, demonstrations and marches, airports, car parks, anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, scenes of crime support and community partnerships.
  • What do we do?

    Built inside a Mercedes Sprinter the standard Mobile CCTV Unit from UK Security Design Ltd consists of five cameras, one mounted on each corner of the vehicle and the fifth is mounted on a telescopic mast which can extend to 4.2 Metres with full pan and tilt action allowing movement in every direction and zoom capabilities. All cameras offer full colour imaging with infrared capabilities for use after dark. The cameras are each connected to a video matrix which then projects the images to two TFT flat screen monitors allowing views of all cameras on both monitors whilst simultaneously recording on either digital or time-lapse recorders.

    Complete with its own power source via a soundproofed generator which is housed in the rear of the vehicle and powered by a diesel tank, the frugal generator consumes only 2.45 litres of fuel per hour. Battery backup is available for 45 minutes to shut down equipment. The unit is air-conditioned to keep operating staff at a comfortable temperature no matter what the outside weather. Other adaptations, such as riot shields, PA equipment and communication via digital PDA links to patrols on the ground can be incorporated upon request. UK Security DesignLtd is able to design, manufacture and supply bespoke mobile CCTV unit solutions to most common commercial vehicles and even 4x4s.