ViKiNG Deployable Camera

The ViKiNG re-deployable IR camera represents a step forward in deployable technology that has so far only been available to the police, enforcement bodies and CCTV system managers.

Uniquely adaptable this really is a plug and play redeployable camera. Install the mounting plate to a wall, existing pole or lighting column and just add power. The Viking unit will automatically start recording from this point and can be accessed via WLAN, GSM, PDA and/or a smart phone.

Building on the ViKiNG deployable camera, is the ViKiNG ANPR solution. Maintaining the advanced connectivity of the original ViKiNG, these units are coupled with full number plate recognition features for traffic monitoring and management.

Utilising two ViKiNG ANPR cameras, an average speed can be obtained. By positioning the cameras at any distance between 100m and 10km and specifying an average speed, drivers caught exceeding this predefined limit can be traced using the ANPR images.
viking camera